Do's and Don'ts of a road trip

Road trips are always the most fun way to travel somewhere. Filled with adventure, fun, and thrill, they give you a surreal experience. Road trips with your loved ones will always be something to remember. With great chats with your amigos, listening to songs suiting the vibe, meeting new people, experiencing the food, and discovering things you never have, all make road trips worth it. But a road trip can't be fun without planning. Unplanned road trips could be disastrous. One has to keep certain things in their mind before hitting the road. That's is what we discuss in this blog today.

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Let's start with the things you should do before you hit the road.

Plan Your Journey.
Planning is the most critical part of a road trip. You will need to look at a lot of things before setting out. From routes, hotels, finances to time management, you need a lot of planning to make your road trip smooth. Unplanned journeys usually lead to complications, so plan a great itinerary and have a great time.

Check Your Car.
To hit the road and travel a distane, you must ensure that your car works fine. So, check your ride before you leave. See if all the electricals and electronics work fine, check the condition of the tyres, and if possible, service the car a few days before you leave for the trip. It will ensure a smooth and safe journey, one without any tension.

Fuel Stops.
It is best to fill up your car with a full tank of fuel before leaving for a trip. Road trips take you through unfamiliar places, and you will need fuel to run. It is better to fill up the fuel tank instead of running with a low fuel level and fuelling up frequently. Since road trips can be unpredictable, it is always better to fill up when you are down to 25% of the tank. It is also worth bringing an extra canister of fuel with you just in case.

Take Sufficient Breaks.

Road trips are not a motorsport activity, and you do not need to reach the finish line first. It is a leisure activity to be done for fun. So, take it slow and enjoy the drive. Take breaks between your journey, switch drivers, have food, or take in some fresh air, and limber up before hitting the road again. It will make the trip a lot less tedious, making the passengers active thought the drive.

Travel Light.

You can carry as much as you want on a trip. But it is better to travel as light as possible. Taking your house with you to your travel destination makes things difficult. The luggage occupies a lot of space and adds a lot of weight. It makes your journey difficult and affects your car's performance. It also makes your life hard as you have to carry it everywhere. So, it is more desirable to travel light.

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Now, we will see certain things you don't want to do when you pack your bags for a road trip.

Do Not Force Yourself To Stay Awake Before A Road Trip.

It might sound simple, but it isn't. Before you leave for a road trip, get proper sleep. Else you will feel sleepy in the car. If it is the driver who feels sleepy, it is dangerous. But if you are a passenger, you could cause inactivity that leads other passengers getting bored and feeling tired.

Don't Underestimate The Indian Weather And Road Conditions.

Indian roads and the weather could come at you with many challenges. It can be unpredictable and terrible at times. So be prepared for all that. Get yourself equipped for the harsh weather and terrible roads. Have necessary tools like a Puncture repair kit and a portable electric air compressor if possible.

Don't Rely On Digital Payment Methods Only.

We are living in a digital world. Today almost all our financial transactions are carried out digitally. But when you go on a long trip, relying on just the digital payment methods could be challenging. You might encounter network issues in many places and a lack of digital payment methods in remote areas. So, carry cash with you along with your digital payment methods, when you travel to avoid the hassles.

Don't Drive At Night.

When you go on a road trip, travel when the sun is out. Drive by the light and park by night. Maximise your journey in the morning for safety. Driving during the night, especially when you are unaware of the path, can be dangerous. You will get better visibility and more people on the road in the dawn, making it safer for all on a road trip.

Keep all these tips in mind when you head out on a road trip and have the best road trip experience with your loved ones. We at Cougar Motorsport specialise in organising road trips to provide you with the best experience. We organise several events, from expedition drives, experience drives, motorsport events, rallies, etc. Our events let you experience premium road trip in the best way possible. Safety is our priority, and we are committed to it. Sign up now to experience offroad adventures like never before.

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