Recovery & Towing Kits

Rs. 2,999.00


Recovery & towing kit that is easy to store in your SUV or sedan. A must have accessory for all vehicles to aid their own recovery / breakdown or to help others. Load rated and certified recovery strap with a breaking strain of 7,500 kgs and a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 3,750 kgs based on a safety factor of 2:1 (for a horizontal pull) and 1,500 kgs based on a safety factor of 5:1 (for a vertical lift). Full kit includes 2 protective sleeves, 1 pair of safety gloves and 2 pcs D-shackles of a WLL of 3,250 kgs, packed in a durable and water resistant compact kit bag. With usage and safety instructions. 


Cougar Motorsport accessories designed and developed by Cougar Motorsport. With Cougar Motorsport branding. 

Cougar Motorsport is India’s leading organizer of motoring expeditions, off-road experiences and extreme off-road motorsport events


  • Style: Recovery & Towing Kits
  • Size: Strap length 5 metres, width 75 mm
  • Colour: Strap (Yellow); Bag (Black & Red)
  • Material: Strap (Synthetic) and Shackles (steel) proudly made in India by Ferreterro
  • Weight: Full kit with shackles 2.8 kgs
  • Printed logo of Cougar Motorsport on protective sleeves
  • Printed logo of Cougar Motorsport on kit bag


  • Keep away from extreme heat or fire
  • Do not exceed load limits
  • Regular hand wash

Please note that we will not be able to exchange or return Recovery & Towing Kits that are ordered and shipped. 

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