Rainforest Challenge India 2021 Goa - Goa | An Adventurous Ride. A Lifetime Experience

Rainforest Challenge India Goa

Imagine a rainforest with trees and vegetation all around you, a forest with rocks, fallen trees, mud, and many challenges on your path. A terrain that is so tough that you can't even walk. Now imagine driving a car through this forest…
Impossible, right? How about a 4x4 - Still impossible? Now imagine the most extreme 4X4 off-road vehicles ever built, driving through the rainforest.

Welcome to The Rain Forest Challenge!

The Rain Forest Challenge is an extreme off-road event where the best drivers compete against each other for the title. With a motto Survival Of The Fittest, RFC is as tough as it gets. As a matter of fact, the RFC is the 3rd toughest off-road race, behind only The Dakar Rally & Baja 1000. RFC is a test of endurance of both wo|man and machine. While Dakar and Baja are fast rally races, RFC is different. It is not a race. It is a slow, calculated crawl to the finishing line, through even more challenging terrain. Often there are challenges that even the best off-roaders find impossible to conquer. Now you know how prestigious this event is.

Rainforest Challenge India Goa

Taking part in RFC is a stamp of approval for your off-roading prowess and will remain with you for the rest of your life.

RFC Goa 2021

RFC is the result of crazy people having crazy ideas. Mr. Luis Wee, its founder, started the event in 1997. First held in Malaysia, it soon made its way to over 40 countries. Winners of each RFC regional event will have an opportunity to participate in the grand finale held in Malaysia. Thanks to Cougar Motorsport, RFC has been in India since 2014. Cougar Motorsport is an automobile event organiser business. They are the exclusive organisers of RFC India. They hold the license to conduct the RFC event in India, and design, manufacture, and sell RFC apparel and merchandise. Visit our store to get yourself RFC merchandise at https://shop.cougarmotorsport.in/collections/rfc-india.

Rainforest Challenge India Shirt

RFC India takes place in Goa during the monsoon months. With over 20 stages and many challenges to conquer, within 7 days. RFC India is as tough as any other RFC event. The stages include all kinds of terrain and surfaces. The specially designed stages that deal with all types of obstacles and challenges one could imagine, and more. From autocross, river crossing to rock climbing, it has got everything. With specially designed 4X4 vehicles to take on every challenge, the driver’s test the limits of themselves and their machines. These off-road vehicles have everything. Equipped with Winches, differential locks, sophisticated suspension systems, rear steering, individual brakes, they are some of the most capable off-roaders.

2021 saw the 7th edition of RFC India which was on a year-long hiatus due to the pandemic. The event got postponed to August-September instead of the usual June-July months. Though it wasn’t the usual monsoon months, Goa didn't disappoint. Rain poured down and gave life to the whole competition, making the event even more challenging for the participants. This year the number of participants were less. Only 21 teams registered for the event across all the classes. The 7th edition of RFC India saw 26 stages spanning seven days. The special stages tested the limits of the participants. Designed to test the driving and recovery skills, the participants have to work as a team and show incredible physical and mental strength, in order to clear the challenges.

Rainforest Challenge India Goa 2021

Getting stuck, rolling over, and facing mechanical failures were a common sight in RFC India. It was all about keeping the momentum through all the stages and grabbing any points one could get. In the end, Gerrari Offroader's Kabir Waraich and Dushyant Khosla emerged as winners. The going was tough for them. With terrible mechanical issues and other unplanned challenges, it was their consistency, experience, and damage limitation that won them the title, with 2155 points and free access to RFC grand finale held in Malaysia. Kabir and Dushyant also won in the petrol class of RFC India. KTM Jeeper's Anand V Manjooran and Vishnu Raj bagged second place with 2144 points. Fahed VP and Rajeev Lal of Gulf First Racing secured third place and won the diesel class with 2014 points, an impressive feat considering their first-ever outing at RFC India.

Rainforest Challenge India Goa 2021 Winners

The winners of all the class of vehicles are as follows.

Winner (Up to 1610cc – Petrol or Diesel): Kabir Waraich (co-driver Dushyant Singh)
Winner (1611 to 3010cc – Diesel): Dr. Mohammad Fahed VP (co-driver Rajeev Lal)
Winner (1611 to 3010cc – Petrol): Ibrahim Firaz Shaikh (co-driver Imran Garag)
Winner (Above 3010cc – Petrol): Shemy Musthafa (co-driver Muhammad Nabil