How to prepare for a roadtrip

Hitting the road to a specific destination in your car can be fun. But a road trip doesn't mean you take an impulsive decision one fine morning. There is a lot of planning and preparations involved in a road trip.

By planning, I don’t mean just mean the planning everyone does. Like the process of choosing the destination, choosing the date and time and planning how many people joining, etc.

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Here we discuss the few essential things to look after when you head out on a road trip.

Prep Your Car

The first most important thing is for you to prep your car for a road trip. The vehicle must be in great shape to carry you and your friends or family on a journey. Inspect your vehicle before hitting the road. Check the condition of the tyres, inspect the tread, check the alignment, and perform wheel balancing before you go. Check the fluid levels and ensure that they’re at the required levels. See if the engine oil needs replacing, check the brake fluid, top it up and bleed if needed. Also, see if the brake pads are in good shape. You may see if the battery has enough juice, and all electricals work fine. You can either do all these yourself or service the car in an authorised service centre or a reliable workshop.

Carry Required Documents

Carry all the necessary documents with you when you go on a road trip. These documents include all legal paperwork for your car - The registration certificate, insurance details, and pollution certificate are the most important ones to carry. Your driving license and Aadhar card are mandatory, and you could carry your passport or PAN card as well.

Plan Your Route

Before you start the long trip, you need to plan your routes. The destination and the road can be unknown, so you must plan your routes ahead. Plan a proper itinerary. Know the path to take, the ones to avoid, the condition of the road, pre-book your stays and manage the time properly.

Pack The Necessities

Road trips can be unpredictable. With erratic conditions, you have to prepare for the worst. So, pack the essentials that can be useful, should you ever need them. Carry a first-aid kit, medicines, drinking water, a few imperishable foods like biscuits, flashlights, etc. A puncture repair kit and a portable air compressor could also come in handy in the worst-case scenarios.

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The above mentioned are the most critical tips to be followed before hitting the road for a road trip with friends or family. Follow these tips to transform your journey into the best road trip instantly.