Pajero Offroad - Pajero Owners Club of India (POCIN) branded Cap


Mitsubishi Pajero is a legendary SUV, and first took the world by storm at the Tokyo Motor show 1981. The world fell in love with it instantly and it did deliver a knockout punch to other 4X4s at the time.

It was a small, light, and compact 4x4 vehicle, and was a very capable off-roader. The Pajero was the epitome of off-road performance SUV. Even when there were more sophisticated off-roaders, the nimbleness of Pajero made it a fierce competitor. It was a Super Select 4WD system that had 4 modes, unlike the 3 modes a regular 4WD selector had. The Super Select 4WD and shift on the fly made Pajero unbeatable off the road, and one of the best off-roaders of all time. How good was the Mitsubishi Pajero? Pajero still holds the record for the greatest number of wins in the Paris-Dakar Rally. The Pajero dominated over all other cars 12 times and has won repeatedly from 2001 to 2005. It still has most of its Guinness World Records intact, and they have yet to be broken.

Mitsubishi came to India in the 90s and the Pajero was one of their premium import SUVs’. The Pajero 4X4 was priced around the 20-lakh mark back in the day; it was expensive, but it sold well, nevertheless. There were no other SUVs as capable as Pajero on the road or off it, and enthusiasts loved it. It was a driving delight for the owners, that led them to develop a strong bond with the Pajero. The 3rd and the 4th Gen Pajero came to India as the Montero, which sold alongside the existing 2nd gen Pajero. We also got the Pajero Sport model here in India in mid 2010s.

The Pajero has a huge fan following all across the globe. It is an aspirational car for many, even today. Most of the lucky ones who have them, still continue to own them to this day. The Pajero has something unique here; that is, its owner's community. The Pajero Owners Club of India (POCIN) is a fraternity of Pajero owners in India. It is the largest online club of Pajero owners and enthusiasts in India. I think they are one of the best car communities in India. United by their passion for their favorite 4X4, POCIN is a friendly, supportive, and healthy community. Even when Mitsubishi struggled with their after-sales and parts, POCIN stood together and helped each other. Through occasional drives and expeditions, the community stays active and remains true to its vision. POCIN stands for pride, brotherhood, and passion. Their love for Pajero is second to none. And that passion made POCIN one of the biggest brands in the Indian car market.


It is sad to realise that Mitsubishi discontinued the entire Indian lineup right before BS6 norms were mandated. The legendary Pajero is no longer in production today. Pajero's legendary run came to an end in 2021. But POCIN is still marching forward, strong in their love for Pajero. As a mark of respect to the iconic SUV and its awesome community, Cougar Motorsport has something special in store for you.

We are proud to present you the "Pajero Owners Club of India"(POCIN) cap. POCIN range of apparel is designed and developed by Cougar Motorsport. It has Super Select drive modes (2H, 4H, 4HLC, 4LLC), POCIN, and Cougar Motorsport branding embroidered to express your passion for the Pajero and to stand out from the crowd. It is crafted with high-quality 100% cotton twill fabric for durability and comfort.

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