5 Must-Have Items for Your Best Off-Road Experience

Off-roading can be a fun activity or a great hobby for everyone to enjoy. But like every other activity it has its difficulties, and if you are not prepared, things could not go your way. Making sure you have the right type of equipment and tools when going off-road is very important.

Before we get to the list let me remind you that the most important thing to take with you when going off-roading is the backup crew. A major decree one needs to follow when off-roading, is "Never go alone.” Yes, it is never recommended to go off-roading alone. You never know what danger lies ahead and off-roading alone, can be very dangerous. So always go off-road as a group. Take a few of your friends in their vehicles when you go exploring. So, you deal with any complications that crop up, together and have a backup plan when you get stuck or face difficulties.

So, let us discuss 5 must-have items for your best off-road experience:

First Aid and Medical Kit

First Aid Kit
Off-roading is an adventure sport that involves a lot of risk and danger. It is challenging and often very unpredictable. So, safety should always be a priority. However, even the best safety protocols cannot stop things from going wrong. Accidents could happen, and could cause physical injuries. This is why a First-Aid kit must be taken along with you when you do cross-country driving.

Accidents can happen, and that's no one's fault. So, it is necessary to prepare for the worst. Injuries like cuts, bruises, even broken bones can occur, and the first aid kit must be able to deal with all these. A bandage, cotton swabs, band aids, antiseptics and disinfectants, etc. could all be useful. One should always carry a few medicines. Being a physical sport, one might experience a medical emergency anytime. These need addressing as fast as possible. A few necessary medicines such as ORS solutions and Antacids could all come in handy.
Self-Recovery Kits
Getting stuck is a part of off-roading. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you could get stuck. Sometimes in the slush, sometimes in the sand, and sometimes in a challenging obstacle. Since we can't leave our cars out there, it needs to get recovered and you need the right equipment.

An electric or mechanical winch and traction boards could be a huge help in such a situation. But not all off-road vehicles have a winch or traction boards. This equipment is expensive and only hardcore offroad enthusiasts use them. So, what is the the least you should carry as a recovery kit?

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Puncture Repair kit
Puncture Repair Kit
When driving off-road, you will have to deal with some of the roughest terrains. One of the most common issues that you could face is a puncture. In such a scenario, one would replace the punctured tyre with a spare tyre. But what if you had multiple tyres getting punctured? Especially If your vehiclecomes with a space saver wheel. It isn't recommended to use a spare when going off-road. So, you need to mend the puncture, and a puncture repair kit could come in handy.
A puncture repair kit includes the string plug and a few specialised tools. You should also add a portable air compressor with the kit to make life easier when off-roading.

Communication systems
Communication System
The crew must always be in touch. A walkie-talkie could be handy to have effective communication with the crew. We can't trust telecom signals in certain secluded locations, and walkie talkies help. They work using radio signals, and can thus work anywhere. With all crew members holding a walkie, communication will be efficient. A reliable GPS is a good idea, and allows you to navigate with ease. An SOS system to alert the emergency services can be of great use too.

Offroad Specific Gears
Cougar Motorsport Shirt
When you go off-road, it is good to have a dress code. Off-road specific apparel is essential to a great off-roading experience. You will need boots, cargo pants, an explorer-specific shirt, caps, and a dry bag, in order to be ready for you day in the wild.

The terrain is unpredictable and often hazardous. Adventure apparel will protect you at all times and offer you the best comfort in any weather. Carrying a waterproof dry bag will help you keep all your essentials safe and dry, in rain and snow.

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