Recovery & Towing Straps

Rs. 399.00


Load rated and certified recovery straps with a breaking strain of 7,500 kgs and a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 3,750 kgs based on a safety factor of 2:1 (for a horizontal pull) and 1,500 kgs based on a safety factor of 5:1 (for a vertical lift). Available in lengths of 5 metres as well as 2 metres, that makes it ideal for use as a tree trunk protector during winching.


  • Size: Lengths of 5 meters as well as 2 meters, width 75 mm
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Material: Synthetic, proudly made in India by Ferreterro


  • Keep away from extreme heat or fire
  • Do not exceed load limits
  • Regular hand wash

Please note that we will not be able to exchange or return Recovery & Towing straps that are ordered and shipped. 

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