Offroading - How it all started and became most loved sport

Offroading Vehicles
Roads are built to improve mobility and take you to the places you want to go, quickly and safely. Roads take you to your office, let you travel across cities, states, countries and whatnot, and they do this whilst making your life easier and more relaxed.

There are incredible locations all around the world that offer a unique experience to the ones who visit them. But not all places are connected by road. There are a lot of magnificent and undiscovered places with unpaved paths, and others with no discernable tracks whatsoever. What if roads are non-existent to your destination? Do you give up your pursuit, mid-way through the journey? or do you drive ahead towards your next big adventure?

You do the last, and go “off the beaten path...”

Off-roading is the art of driving, where roads don't exist. It can be necessary on occasion, but, fun every other time. Today off-road driving is the most popular motorsport activity or trend in the world. From driving that extra kilometre of unpaved road to off-road racing events, it is now a big world of opportunities.

What is Off-roading?

Off-roading, like the word, means to go off the road. It is where the limits and boundaries set by paved roads ends and, you are free to explore and discover the world in all its glory. It is freedom at its most rugged. The best thing about cross-country adventuring is that anyone can do it. You don’t need to invest money in it, to experience it. Be it a dirt track, an unpaved path, or a specialised course set up by experts, it is all classified as off-road driving. With the right tools, equipment, discipline, and an appropriate of wheels anyone can off-road.

Off-roading can be done in any kind of vehicle. Be it a car or an SUV, you can go offroad in both. However, cars can face a lot more challenges, as compared to the more specialist off-road focused utility vehicles and other SUVs. But to go hardcore off-roading, you need a 4x4 vehicle. A 4X4 vehicle has its engine driving all 4 wheels, and this provides better traction and grip. Most modern SUVs offer 4WD systems which make them very capable. Then some enthusiasts modify 4X4 Jeeps to make them even more accomplished when off-road. These vehicles are generally used for motorsport and other specialist events. These days we have a lot of options to go off-roading with, but this was not the case, when you look into the past.
History of Offroad Driving

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and it is the same with off-road vehicles. In the bygone era of non-existent roads, we faced a whole host of real-world problems. We needed to transport supplies and goods to remote areas. We needed to go to war where they there were no roads, and the routes were fraught with many other challenging situations, as well. We needed versatile and flexible modes of transport, and thus the need for off-road vehicles was born.

1903 was the year when humankind saw their first 4-wheel drive vehicle. Two brothers Jacob's and Hendrick -Jan Spijker, made the Spyker, the first 4WD car in the world to go racing. So even though it was the first 4x4 vehicle it wasn't designed to tackle off-roading. Vehicles never did much off-roading until Adolphe Kegresse invented the Kegresse tracks. His invention soon made its way into the Russian Tsar's army and then into the Citroen cars of the French Military.

With time, 4-wheel drive technology got more and more advanced. A lightweight 4WD vehicle proved to be more capable and versatile, and are the type of vehicles we see today. Wars helped Jeep, Land Rover, Toyota, and many others perfect the formula for 4x4 vehicles.

But unlike the military, civilians never got to use off-road vehicles. That changed in the 1940s. Land Rover recognized the sales potential of a civilian version of their military vehicles. They went for it and brought off-roading to the masses, and it was an instant success. Soon other manufacturers did the same and this started a new revolution in motoring.

As time went by, off-roaders got more comfortable, sophisticated, and capable. That's when more people started to go off-roading. Families bought SUVs to take them on camping trips or picnics. Farmers used pickup SUVs and trucks for all the utility needs. Enthusiasts started to make a sport out of off-road driving. This gave us the off-road racing and rally, where the best 4X4 vehicles battle each other. Today, every manufacturer has at least one go-anywhere SUV in their vehicle lineup. This shows how popular off-roading has become across the globe. 
Offroading cars
Where to go off-roading?

You can go off-roading anywhere, to be frank. India with its vast and diverse geography is a paradise for off-road enthusiasts. From general unpaved motorable roads to snow-capped mountains, we have got a lot to explore. We have the Himalayas, the Thar desert, wildlife sanctuaries, forest trails, and many more to set out on an expedition. Even the local hilly regions will have some exclusive places which can only be reached by driving off-road.
Is off-roading fun?

Yes, it is. It is one of the most fun activities you can have. There is nothing more thrilling than driving a car slow, with one of the most diverse communities in the world. From young 18-year-olds to retired veterans, the love for off-roading has no age, gender, or boundaries.

Today off-road activities are of many different types. From weekend off-road trips, expedition drives, overlanding, rally races, and off-road trails, it comes in all shapes and sizes. All you need is the will to take your car off the road and explore the wilderness.

Human beings are natural explorers, they love to go the distance and try something new. This is exactly why we love going off-roading so much. What was once a necessity of the few, has now become a leisure activity of the many. Taking the road less travelled, to most secluded and off-beat locations on the map, is challenging. But, with the challenges come the fun. The trials, unpredictability, and the sense of accomplishment all account for a unique experience. This is what makes off-road driving special.

Driving off-road is a skill in itself. It demands the presence of mind, patience, intelligence, and technique. Developing your skills are very important, and it requires experience. To practice and hone those skills, you need to hit off-road trails; but that comes with its risks. An inexperienced driver might not be able to judge the risk involved in each activity. That's why safety is a big factor, and it needs to be considered when going off-road. You need to have all the right gear, equipment, backup, and the right guidance from an expert to do it safely. That's where we come in.

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